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Richer Roughstock Rodeo Photo Contest

First Place: $100 ; Two runner up prizes of $25 each will be awarded.

The competition is open to both professional and amateur photographers.

Theme - Rodeo. Any image that promotes people who attend or participate in the Richer Roughstock Rodeo. Examples include: Actions shots during Rodeo events, participants or stock that are waiting to compete and images that capture the excitement and energy of the Richer Roughstock Rodeo.

All Entries must be submitted in a Digital Format. Images must be submitted in a JPEG (JPG) format only. Images should be submitted in the best resolution possible, each image file no greater than 2MB in size and each image to be at least 1200 pixels wide (If Horizontal) or 1200 pixels tall (If Vertical).

Each Entrant may submit up to a maximum of Three (3) Images and submit only one entry. There is No Entry Fee.

The Photographer’s signature or any identifying marks must not be visible on the digital images for judging.

Entries must be received by Noon Central Standard Time (CST) on Friday, September 1, 2017.

The Entrant warrants that the images submitted are the original work of the photographer and the photographer holds copyright and must retain all rights. By submitting an entry or entries, the Entrant accepts accepts that his or her work can be reproduced with no further compensation in Promotional Media that is associated with the Richer Rough Stock Rodeo. This includes, being put on a Website or other Promotional Materials. All other rights remain with the entrant.

Judging will performed by the Richer Roughstock Rodeo committee. All decisions are final.

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Photos must be .JPG/.JPEG format and a minimum of 1200 pixels high or wide but
no more than 2 MB in size. If your photo is too large, reduce it in size first before uploading!

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